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China’s longest high-speed railway will be open in Siberia

Date: 2018.05.02 Author: Rosie Wu

China is going to open the longest high-speed railway in Siberia-- a neighboring area in the northeastern. Since May 1st, the 343-kilometer railway line has been tested. This longest high-speed railway links Harbin and Jiamusi--the two important cities in Heilongjiang Province.


With the speed of 200 km per hour, this railway is designed for both passenger and freight transportation. It will sharply reduce the travel time between Harbin and Jiamusi from 360 minutes to 110 minutes.


Now, the testing trains of passenger and cargo were used to examine systems and projects including power supply, sub grades, and bridges. The tests will ensure the systems will meet all the standard requirements. The line is scheduled to undergo a pilot run in July before full operation one month later.


China is busy constructing the high-speed railway these years, which is the key project to achieve China's mid- and long term railway network scheme. The longest high-speed railway entirely located in the high altitude and cold area in Siberia. The cold weather and climate condition is a big challenge for constructer and operators.