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China-UK direct flights officially resumed

Date: 2022.08.22 Author: Liu Shan

At 16:20 on the 20th August, an A330 air bus of Capital Airlines took off from Heathrow Airport in the United Kingdom and landed smoothly at Qingdao Jiaozhou Airport. China-UK direct flights officially resumed, which departs from Qingdao every Friday to London; London local time departs every Friday to Qingdao. Passengers can also depart via Hangzhou, Shanghai, Chongqing, Xi'an and other China domestic cities, and arrive in London via Qingdao.


After China and the UK announced the resumption of direct flights, a number of airlines have successively noticed their flight schedules from China to the UK. For example, Air China will resume flights from Beijing to London every Thursday and Shanghai to London every Saturday. China Southern Airlines will resume Guangzhou to London flights. That will continue to build a solid air bridge for the business and cultural exchanges between China and the UK.


Following up, Capital Airlines will start a weekly Hangzhou to Lisbon round-trip on August 26, and will plan to resume more Southeast Asia, Japan and South Korea and long-distance intercontinental routes according to the relevant policy of the Civil Aviation Administration of China.