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China's entry quarantine was shortened to 5+3 on 11 November

Date: 2022.11.15 Author: Ji Chun

China eased some of its COVID curbs on 11 November, including shortening by two days quarantine times for close contacts of cases and for inbound travelers, readjusting the risk area and scrapping a penalty on airlines that bring in infected passengers.


Under the new rules, quarantine for close contacts will be cut to five days at a centralized location plus three days at home, from seven days centralized and three days at home. During the centralized quarantine, people will have 4 nucleic acid tests on the 1st,2nd, 3rd and 5th day. During the home quarantine, you will have 2 nucleic acid tests on the 1st and 3rd day. Besides, the risk areas will be adjusted from "high, medium and low" to "high and low" to minimize the number of control personnel. High-risk areas are generally defined by units and buildings, and may not be expanded at will.


A similar shortening of quarantine rules was made for inbound travelers, according to the revised rules, which the National Health Commission (NHC) published on its website.


The suspension of international flight routes due to the detection of infected passengers was also abolished, while for inbound travelers, the pre-departure COVID test requirement was cut to once in 48 hours from twice.