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Chengdu and Chicago are linked by direct flight

Date: 2019.09.17 Author: Celia Tang

On September 16, a new nonstop flight linking Chengdu, the capital city of China's southwest Sichuan Province and Chicago, America's third-largest city opens by Hainan Airlines. This is the first nonstop scheduled passenger flight from China's southwest to the US Midwest.


The flight is operated by a 213-seat B787-8 aircraft on every Tuesdays and Saturdays. The flight HU705 leaves Chengdu at 21:00 Beijing time. After 14 hours’ flight time, it arrives in Chicago at 22:10 local time. The return flight HU706 leaves Chicago O'Hare International Airport at 00:10 local time. It arrives at Chengdu Shuangliu International Airport at 04:10 (+1) Beijing time.


Hainan Airlines has 23 years of safe operations and has accumulated over 5 million hours of safe flights. It maintains the outstanding safety record in recent years. Up to now, it operates 12 air routes between China and the United States. With the opening of the new air route, it will also have easier access to Chengdu's neighboring cities such as Guiyang and Kunming.