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Camel Culture Festival has been launched in Inner Mongolia

Date: 2018.01.10 Author: Phyllis Wang

The 12th Camel Culture Festival opened in North China’s Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, Jan.9, 2018.

The Camel Culture Festival is a traditional Mongolian festival with a variety of activities, such as camel race and camel beauty contest. Camels are praised as the ships of the desert, but attending competitions is quite rare.
Herdsmen from Erdos, Hulun Buir, Sonid Banner and Uzemchin Grasslands brought more than 200 camels to take part in this festival. Camels walked on the snow-covered grasslands, leaded by a herdsman. People rode camels and took camel-sleds, rode horses and wrestled with each other. Many kinds of exhibitions will be held in the following days, such as Camel Culture Products Exhibition, Stone Exhibition and the like.

The series of events are going to provide warmth and energy to the severe winter and snow-covered ground.