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Beijing Planetarium opens the Saturday night tours

Date: 2020.11.05 Author: Celia Tang

Starting from October 24, the Beijing Planetarium opens the Saturday night show for four consecutive weeks. Every Saturday from 17:30-21:00, the audiences can book the tickets in advance to participate in and experience the four themed events at Beijing Planetarium.


The four consecutive night events included four themes, including the "Tonight's Starry Sky", "Moon", "Planets", "Telescopes and Starry Sky Photography". The four major science theaters will also open to the public, including the Astronomical Hall, the Universe Theater, the 4D Theater, and the 3D Theater. People can enjoy many wonderful astronomy science films there.


In the Beijing Planetarium, the senior engineer of Beijing Planetarium Kou Wen, the associate researcher Zhang Ziping, and many astronomical science experts will bring wonderful lectures to the audience, and answer their questions. When the weather permit, there will be the outdoor telescope observation activities. The audience will be guided to observe the moon, Mars with the help of telescopes, and jointly appreciate the charm of the autumn night sky. Children will also have the opportunity to make the exquisite constellation storybooks or draw exquisite planet models under the leadership of the technology counselor.