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Beijing Opens Four New Subway Lines

Date: 2013.01.09 Editor: Evelyn Shi

The Chinese capital opens 4 new subway lines -- Metro Line 6 (Phase 1), Line 8 (Phase 2), Line 9 (Northern Part) and Line 10 (Phase 2), which means Beijing now has 16 subway lines, with a total track length of 442 kilometers.



The four new lines mostly cover the city’s central areas that are home to commerce and workplaces. About 44 percent of Beijing residents say they use public transport, the highest percentage of any city nationwide. The new lines opening in the coming years contribute to relieve the pressure on the roads, bringing more convenience for residents.


The Beijing Subway is the busiest on the Chinese mainland in terms of passenger volume, and the largest in terms of operational length. Last year it transfers an average of 20.6 million people per day. It is estimated the total operational length of the Beijing system will reach 1,050 km by the end of 2020, with 30 lines and some 450 stations, according to the Beijing government.