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Beijing opens ancient Chinese garments exhibition

Date: 2019.06.10 Author: Celia Tang

Embassy of the State of Kuwait in Beijing opens a special exhibition displaying vintage Chinese garments on June 5th. The exhibition aims to enhance cultural exchanges between the two countries. To mark the friendship between China and Kuwait as well as echo the Belt and Road Initiative, the traditional Kuwaiti garments were also presented at the event.


Dozens of exhibits on shown can be dated back to over 200 years come from collection of Bi Hong, a Beijing-based fashion designer and private collector focusing on ancient Chinese garments. Some of the exhibits on shown were once owned by the imperial family of the Qing Dynasty (1644-1911). Some were once used by aristocrats and different social classes. Exquisite antique fashion pieces and accessories were also on display.


Bi Hong has devoted to studying the Chinese fashion history as well as its global promotion. She started collecting the pieces since 1997 and has collected about 1,000 garments from the Ming (1368-1644) and Qing dynasties, and almost 10,000 woven textile pieces from those eras. “The craftsmanship, colors, patterns and materials reflect Chinese aesthetics, which emphasizes grace and serenity,” says Bi Hong.