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Beijing Daxing International Airport will be fully operational by the end of September

Date: 2019.07.10 Author: Charles Wang

Beijing Daxing International Airport(IATAPKXICAOZBAD) is located in Daxing District, Beijing. It is the third airport in Beijing that is available for civilian aircrafts. The airport is expected to have several phases. The first phase will include 4 runways, 700,000 square meters area of terminal building, and 92 parking bays.


The construction of the infrastructure for the new airport started in 2014, and was finished on June 30, 2019. The final preparation, which basically gets facilities and equipment ready, will take 3 months. By the end of September, the airport will be put into operation.


More than 60 domestic and overseas carriers including China Southern Airlines, China Eastern Airlines and Beijing Capital Airlines plan to operate out of Beijing Daxing International Airport. China United Airlines is expected to become the first airline to transfer its operations to Daxing airport from its current headquarters at Beijing Nanyuan Airport.


The airport has planned several expansions in the future, and has already left space for up to nine runways.