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798 Art District opens the exhibition on city urbanization

Date: 2019.11.27 Author: Celia Tang

On November 24th, Lin Yi opens his personal painting exhibition "The City's 365°" in Hongding Art Space at the 798 Art District in Beijing. The exhibition will run through December 8th.


In the process of urbanization in China, many cities were pursuing the image of an "international metropolis", creating a series of "concrete jungles". According to Lin, the art works on display reflect the split of the human spirit in the process of urbanization, and also reflect the expectations for cultural continuation. Lin liberated the paintings from the three-dimensional image, expressed it in a simple form, and made it more visually impactful.


According to Wang Tao, the curator of the exhibition, these art works on shown are abstract in form and few in color. In this way, the paintings can reflect the city's appearance, which is simplified to plain symbols and interpreted with geometric figures to show the homogeneity of each city.