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2020 Fairy Mountain Beer Festival opens

Date: 2020.08.19 Author: Celia Tang

The “2020 Happy Beer” Fairy Mountain National Tourist Resort Beer Festival opens on the evening of August 14. A big summer carnival is coming, where people can release the passion in the rhythmic music and enjoy the refreshing breeze while drinking ice-cold beer.


The Fairy Mountain Beer Festival will last for 10 days. The small performances are shown on workdays. The song and dance performances of the Beer Festival will make people experience the fun of different styles, such as the dazzling night, cheerful youth, colorful child interests…


A special food exhibition area will be set up at the Jinma Square of the Beer Festival’s main venue, where you can taste tens of cuisines, such as crispy spiced duck, pan-fried tofu, Chengdu Guokui with brown sugar. The Beer King Championship will be carried out throughout the Beer Festival. In the heats, the competitor who drinks up a bottle of beer will win; in the finals, the competitor who drinks up a liter of beer will win.