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2020 Chongqing Nightlife Festival opens

Date: 2020.08.05 Author: Celia Tang

On the evening of July 31, the 2020 Chongqing Nightlife Festival, is officially opened in Jiefangbei, Yuzhong District. The festival is themed on Fashionable Nightlife in Chongqing. In the future three months, people can have delicious food, enjoy night views, drink beer, bathe in hot springs, listen to music on the night markets.


The festival is sponsored by the Chongqing Municipal Commission of Commerce, Chongqing Cultural Tourism Commission, the governments of various districts and counties, the management committee of Liangjiang New District, Chongqing High-tech Zone, and Wansheng Economic Development Zone. This year’s festival is evolved and upgraded from the previous night market cultural festival.


More than 150 special themed activities will continue to be held throughout the city, enabling people to play, browse, eat and buy. The musical performances will be presented in Tuborg City Music Stage in Guotai Plaze for three consecutive days, and musicians of different styles such as folk and pop will take turns on stage.