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Useful information

Terms and Conditions of Domestic Trains


1. Please submit your ticket inquiry at least 25 days ahead of your travel date.


2. Train ticket inquiry (7 days) before, during and (7 days) after the week-long traffic rush in the Spring Festival and the Chinese National Day holiday (Oct 1st – Oct 7th) will NOT be accepted, as the railway operator's ticket booking system will be overwhelmed by huge volume of railway passengers.


3. Please make sure the passoport number you submitted is in accordance with that on your passoport. One valid passoport corresponds with only one ticket for the same train. The passenger's passoport number will be printed on the ticket. Passengers will be required to show their tickets along with the corresponding passoport on the train. The passoport number can NOT be changed once a ticket is issued. Wrong passoport number shall lead to cancellation of the original ticket (100% of ticket fare charged per ticket) before the new ticket is issued.


4. By submitting us the inquiry you also comply with the fact that you entrust us with the right to book and issue an alternative ticket close to your preferred travel date, time and seat/sleeper class to the greatest extent, in case your designated train tickets are sold out. If you do not agree to issue an alternative ticket, please inform us in your ticket inquiry. CITS shall not be responsible for all the losses arising therefrom.


5.CITS can arrange group tours and tailor-made private tours (with railway/air transfer) to/from Lhasa. However, train ticket inquiry alone to/from Lhasa will NOT be accepted. *All foreign travelers entering Tibet must hold Tibet Travel Permit (or Tibet Entry Permit) issued by the Tibet Tourism Bureau. CITS will assist travelers to apply Tibet Entry Permit for a more flexible and efficient journey. Customers who booked Tibet tours with us will collect their Tibet Travel Permit from our local office in the city where they depart for Tibet.



1. All prices quoted include ticket fares, service fees and taxes.


2. Quotations listed in USD are only for your reference. CITS shall reserve the rights to adjust the exchange rate before your due payment is received.


3. The price shown on the ticket excludes the service charge and delivery fee.


4.Delivery fee is priced at USD 20 each time.



1. We accept bank transfer and online payment via PayPal. (MasterCard, Visa and other credit cards are widely accepted via PayPal). The additional PayPal/bank transaction fee shall be covered at your own expense.


2.Due payment shall be completed before the deadline. Your designated tickets cannot be issued until payment is received. CITS shall not be responsible for booking failures and all the losses arising therefrom.


Pick up / Delivery

1. It is strongly recommended to pick up tickets on your own. Tickets are issued 5 - 10 days ahead of your travel. Ticket pick-up information (including contact person, telephone number, business hours and office address) will be included in your voucher. Tickets can be collected at our local offices in the departure city.


2. Ticket delivery service is also available. Please inform us in your ticket inquiry if you need delivery service. Tickets will be delivered to your appointed address within China (some places excluded). Please note that delivery failure (caused by wrong name & address and unconfirmed hotel info provided), losses and delays of tickets during the delivery process should be covered at your own risk.


Change and Cancellation

1. Change or cancellation request should be sent to us by e-mail or fax.


2. Ticket reservations can be changed if your change request is received before the tickets are issued. An additional USD 10 will be charged per ticket per change. Tickets cannot be changed once issued.


3. Ticket cancellation fee will be calculated as follows:


Period before departure

when cancellation is notified

Cancellation fee charged per ticket

At least 31 days prior to departure

10% of ticket fare

15 - 30 days

30% of ticket fare

Within 15 days

100% of ticket fare



Notes to Passengers

1. Make sure you arrive at the railway station at least 60 minutes before departure. Check the billboard for the waiting room and the check-in counter.


2.Please keep the train ticket safe. Tickets will be checked till the exit of the railway station.


3. For passengers on overnight train sleepers, the train conductor will collect your sleeper ticket and return you a number tag, which will be changed back an hour before you reach the destination.


4. Passengers are allowed to take a certain amount of carry-on baggages for free. Baggages shall go through security checks before boarding. Take your bags with you onto the train and put them in your compartment or carriage. Wheelchairs can be taken onto the train for free.


5. The upper weight limit of the carry-on luggage is: 20 kg (44 pounds) for adults / 10 kg (22 pounds) for children / 35 kg (77 pounds) for diplomats. Dimension of any item should not exceed 1.6 m (On CRH bullet trains starting with C, D & G, the maximum dimension is 1.3 m). Rod-shaped carry-on baggages should not exceed 2 m in length and 20 kg (44 pounds) in weight. Luggages exceeding the limit above should be checked-in at the Parcel Center.

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