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Beijing Attractions

  • Summer Palace

    Summer Palace

    The Summer Palace boasts the peak of Chinese gardening and architectural art, yet the whole is harmonious, known as “The Loyal Gardens Museum” and ranked as UNESCO World Heritage Site. Read more>>
  • Beijing St. Joseph's Church

    St. Joseph's Church

    St. Joseph's Church, originally built in 1655, is one of the best preserved religious sites and the second oldest Catholic Church in the city. Located on prosperous Wangfujing Avenue - the city center of Beijing, the church becomes a new scenic spot in Beijing tour. Read more>>
  • Beijing Zhongshan Park

    Zhongshan Park in Beijing

    Zhongshan Park is located southwest of the Forbidden City and west of Tian’anmen Square, covering an area of 230,000 square meters. This place used to be an imperial temple called Sheji Altar, which means Altar to the god of the Land and Grain of Ming (1368-1644) and Qing (1644-1911) dynasties. Read more>>
  • Niujie Mosque

    Niujie Mosque

    The Niujie Mosque, or Ox Street Mosque, is widely known as the most ancient mosque in Beijing, as well as the largest one. It covers an area of over 6,000 square meters, and was originally built in 996 during Liao Dynasty. Read more>>
  • National Art Museum of China

    National Art Museum of China

    With all the city spots and natural beauty here in Beijing, local museum is also a good choice you may weigh your option. Since its establishment, the museum has held thousands of various influential exhibitions, which provided an important platform of artistic exchange between China and the world. Read more>>
  • Beijing Guanfu Museum

    Guanfu Museum

    The Guanfu Museum is established as the first private museum in mainland China. The museum has a fantastic collection of fine porcelain, cloisonné, ancient furniture and carved windows and doors. Read more>>
  • Yuanmingyuan


    The old massive imperial compound Yuanmingyuan is now a beautiful park filled with lakes and a wide variety of plant life. It is a relaxing place to spend the day and escape the crowds of the city. Read more>>
  • Jingshan Park

    Jingshan Park

    North of the Forbidden City is Jingshang Park. From the Pavillon of Eternal Peace you have a wonderful view over the Palace. This Park had been an Imperial Garden during Ming and Qing Dynasty. Read more>>
  • Ancient Observatory

    Ancient Observatory

    Built in the Ming Dynasty (1442), Beijing Ancient Observatory, as the astronomical observations through the recent 500 years, is the world's oldest existing astronomical institutions. Read more>>
  • Beihai Park

    Beihai Park

    As the royal garden with 800-year history, Beihai Park boasts one of the best China’s classical gardens with artificial hills, pavilions, halls, temples and covered corridors. Read more>>
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