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Xi’an Xianyang Airport starts using Terminal 1

Date: 2017.06.06 Author: Rosie Wu

Yesterday, Terminal 1 of Xi’an Xianyang International Airport was officially put into operation. Two low cost airlines, Spring Airlines (9C) and 9 Air Company Limited (AQ), have moved into the T1 terminal operation. At this point, the airport enters a new stage with its operation mode of three terminals and two runways.  


Terminal 1 occupies an area of 21,200 square meters with the largest passenger throughput of 3 million passengers. After closing down for five years, the official opening of Terminal 1 not only optimizes the allocation of airport terminal resources, but also improves the efficiency of the airport operation.


Next stage, the airport will unite more low-cost airlines to further develop the market, and constantly enrich domestic and foreign routes, to provide travelers with more choices.