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Wuhan-Paris Direct Flights Launched

Date: 2012.04.16 Editor: Evelyn Shi

Air France-KLM launched direct flights between Wuhan and Paris on 12th April, which is the first passenger airline linking China's central heartland with Europe.


It is introduced that there are 3 flights each week between Wuhan and Paris. A one-way trip takes about 11 and a half hours, bringing Europe closer to central China. Flights from Paris to Wuhan on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays takes off at 16:20 (Paris Time) and arrives in Wuhan at 08:55 (Beijing Time); flights from Wuhan to Paris on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays takes off at 11:30 (Beijing Time) and arrives in Paris at 17:00(Paris Time). An Air France-KLM Boeing 777-200 ER aircraft is used to carry 309 passengers between the two cities.


The number of international destinations that can be reached by air from Wuhan will further increase to 40 by 2030, making the city China's fourth-largest air transport hub after Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou.


Wuhan in Central China is not only well known for its Yangtze River landscape, but also for the profound cultural deposit, represented by The Yellow Crane Tower, the Guiyuan Buddhist Temple, East Lake and Wuhan Provincial Museum and so on.