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Ulanqab to open the second winter festival

Date: 2018.02.02 Author: Phyllis Wang

Seizing the opportunity of “2020 Winter Olympics”, using its superior geographical location, convenient transportation and abundant snow and ice recourses, Ulanqab is vigorously developing local tourism and creating many tourist routes. Moreover, Ulanqab will hold the second winter festival from Feb.5 to March 3 in 2018, to attract more tourists and strive to be the No. 1 of North China ice-snow tourism.

Ulanqab is located due north of China in Inner Mongolia, and also an important international access entering Mongolia, Russia and Eastern Europe. The upcoming festival will be held in the Golden Eagle Square in Jixin District with a total area of 270,000 square meters.

On the basis of traditional program, indoor amusement park, international circus, aquarium and folk custom experience added in this winter festival, which makes this winter stop being cold. Snow sculptures, large ice buildings, exquisite ice sculptures are all created and built by two dozen professional craftsmen. All the expensive preparations will amaze the tourists.

Besides, several restaurants will open for the tourists. You can enjoy not only authentic Mongolia meals, but also western cuisine. What’s more, you can also go to the ice bar to order a bottle of elaborate wine.

Various activities and exquisite food will bring pleasure and passion to tourists in this freezing winter. Clear blue sky, white snow and gorgeous lights will become the brightest colors as well as the most beautiful memory of the tourists.