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Travel Beijing on the Train

Date: 2019.07.18 Author: Charles Wang

At 6:50 in the morning on July 15, with the engine of S501 Train started in Huangtudian Station, the “Huairou to Miyun” line launched by Beijing Railway Administration was officially put into operation.


This is a theme activity proposed by Beijing Railway Administration. Starting from July 15, tourists would be able to visit Yanxi Lake, Hongluo Temple, Qinglong Gorge, Beijing WTown, Jinshanling Great Wall, and many other famous scenic spots in suburban area of Beijing by the train “Huairou to Miyun” line. This sightseeing train has a theme of “Flower Seasons.” The inside of compartments are decorated with several cultural elements including Watertown, Great Wall, Spiritual Legacy, and so on. Meanwhile, there are cultural shows performing in the compartments. Actors and Actresses from art and cultural centers of all districts are invited to interact with passengers.


Currently, there are two routes scheduled: Beijing WTown Route and Jinshanling Great Wall Route. The final destinations are Beijing WTown and Jinshanling Great Wall respectively, and the price for each adult is 199 and 158 respectively.


For convenience considering, Beijing Railway Administration also launched a platform for “smart traveling.” People can download apps or use mini programs on WeChat to view and book tickets, or customize personal services.