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‘Toilet revolution’ starts in Tibet to boost tourism

Date: 2017.01.17 Editor: Evelyn Shi

A ‘toilet revolution’ will start in Tibet autonomous region to improve sanitary conditions and boost tourism this year. In the past decade, some dry toilets in Tibet's cities have been replaced with flush ones, but dry toilets remain in rural areas.


Tibet regional government will spend CNY 1.2 billion (about USD 173 million) in building and renovating 2,000 toilets. The toilets will be mainly built at tourist spots, along major highways and in public venues with a concentration of locals and tourists.


A "toilet revolution" is also underway elsewhere in China. The national standard requires "sanitary" toilets in rural homes to have walls, roofs, doors and windows and to be at least two square meters in size. They may be flush toilets or dry toilets with underground storage tanks.