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The highest ski resort of China will be built in Lhasa

Date: 2016.03.03 Editor: Evelyn Shi

Lhasa, the capital of Tibet, is going to develop the highest ski resort of China in five years.


Covered with snow all year round, Lhasa, the city of sunlight owns many excellent natural advantages to develop skiing and mountaineering outdoor industry.



Tibet hornored five mountains higher than 8,000 meters, more than 70 mountains higher than 7,000 meters, and no fewer than 1,000 mountains higher than 6,000 meters. It is not a big problem to select and develop suitable ski resorts from these snow mountains. What’s more, Tibet is rich in unique natural resources for ice and snow sports. Snow capped mountains, plateau forests, grasslands, glacial rivers, lakes, and other natural resources are new experiences to skiers from all over the world.


The construction of Lhasa ski resort will turn the region into a center of Himalayan mysterious culture and promoting it as a paradise for skiing.


China is new to the winter sports game, Tibet also has a long way to go. With the approaching of the 2022 Winter Olympics in China, the prospect of Tibet's ice and snow sports will have a promising future.