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The 13th Wushan International Red Leaves Festival launches

Date: 2019.11.25 Author: Celia Tang

On November 21st, the 13th Wushan International Red Leaves Festival kicks off in Chongqing. The red leaves in relatively high-altitude areas in Wushan County have started to turn red and will successively enter the best viewing period. The festival will last until December 30th.


Wushan has nearly 200 varieties of red leaves, and the total area is nearly 660 square kilometers. According to Cao Bangxing, the head of Wushan County, this year Wushan County focuses on 13 routes for tourists to enjoy red leaves in the core scenic spot, which include convenient transportation and complete supporting facilities for the visitors. 


As usual, this year’s festival will also has a series of activities, including concert, Tug-of-war competition, sports activities, etc. Wushan County locates in the Three Gorges Dam Area, where the Yangtze River Cruise ships pass. Wushan is the eastern gate in Chongqing with long history. Besides, Wushan is famous for its beautiful natural sceneries, which combines many landscapes of Wu Gorge and Qutang Gorge along the Yangtze River.