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Taiwan officially implemented the 0+7 quarantine-free policy on 13 October

Date: 2022.10.17 Author: Ji Chun

Taiwan canceled all its Covid-19 entry restrictions on 13 October, tourists are allowed to enter and exit the self-ruled island after more than 2.5 years of border controls.


Visitors are no longer required to quarantine upon entry, or take any PCR tests. Instead, they will need to monitor their health within a week of arrival, and obtain a negative result on a rapid antigen test the day they arrive.


If people want to go out during the weeklong monitoring period, they need to take a negative test from the same day or the day before. There are also no longer any restrictions on certain nationalities being allowed to enter Taiwan.


Under the new rules, Dozens of visitors from Thailand were among the first to arrive at Taiwan’s Taoyuan International Airport,which serves the Taipei. Before departure, Bangkok and Taiwan Tourism Office presented souvenirs to these visitors. In addition, these visitors also participated in a lucky draw, which included round-trip airfare, bus tickets and free hotel accommodation.