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Space Capsule Hotel Receives Popularity in Xi'an

Date: 2012.05.03 Editor: Evelyn Shi

The first licensed space capsule hotel in China opened in Xi'an, Shaanxi province, and receives wide popularity among youngsters.


Arranged on two floors with the layout of berths on a train, the hotel consists of 86 space capsule-like rooms. The 86 rooms are divided into nine areas, each named after a constellation. There is a snoring section as well. Every capsule is equipped with basic requirements like televisions and internet connections. The price for a one-night stay ranges from 58 yuan ($9.2) to 68 yuan.


According to the owner of the capsule hotel, since the hotel opened, the occupancy rate has remained at 100 percent. The space capsule-style hotel is popular because it is economical and conserves energy, meeting the needs and values of young people who care about the environment.