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Shanghai Disneyland to allow some outside food

Date: 2019.09.16 Author: Celia Tang

Shanghai Disneyland has promulgated a new rule that allows some food to be brought into the resort. Pungent smelling foods, or those that need heating, freezing or processing are still not allowed according to the statement by Shanghai Disneyland.


Also, instant noodles, whole watermelons, durians and fermented tofu, alcoholic beverages, cans and glassware are forbidden to take in.


The park itself has 50 sites offering cold drinking water and 20 sites with warm water, which are all free of charge. According to Andrew Bolstein, the vice president and executive managing director of Shanghai Disney Resort, visitors are welcomed to enjoy the unique food experiences at restaurants themed on Disney stories, including Chinese, Asian and Western cuisines at different price ranges.


In the future, Shanghai Disneyland will improve its safety check services to be friendlier and people-orientated. Guests will be encouraged to open their bags, remove any banned items and return items from their bags themselves when security screening is complete.