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Preferential policy for traveling Tibet in winter

Date: 2018.09.12 Author: Celia Tang

The Fourth China Tibet Tourism and Cultural Expo - Third Pole of the World was opened from September 9th to 12th. At the ongoing Fourth China Tibet Tourism and Cultural Expo, Qizhala, chairman of Tibet Autonomous Region, stressed the need to implement the "Tourism plus" strategy, as the regional government hopes to encourage the integration of tourism with other sectors such as farming and husbandry, traditional Tibetan games, Tibetan medicines, cultural and art, rural leisure and health care, so as to enrich tourism products and increase the appeal of Tibet as a tourist destination.


The most attractive thing is that, from November 1st, 2018 to March 15th, 2019, Tibet will offer a series of preferential policies for visitors to Tibet in this winter. Apart from the temples, all the National 3A/ 4A /5A tourist attractions in Tibet will be free opening to the public. The tickets’ price of the tourist attractions in Tibet below National 3A level will be reduced by half on the basis of low season prices.


The starred hotels and boutique hotels in Tibet will operate 50% of the high season room rates. The airline companies will also operate at most 50% of the normal airfares. They will also sign the agreements with local travel agencies to ensure the seat adequacy.


Tourism has become the region's most dynamic and most promising industry, and also a forerunner sector strategically important to the economic and social development of Tibet. With the preferential policy, winter tourism in Tibet will show positive changes.