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New high-speed trains link Chongqing and Liupanshui

Date: 2020.07.15 Author: Celia Tang

According to China Railway Chengdu Bureau Group, the newly built Anshun - Liupanshui high-speed railway has been put into operation since July 8. In the early stage of operation, the railway department will arrange 10 pairs of EMU trains from Liupanshui to Shanghai, Guangzhou, Chengdu and Chongqing, among which one pair will run from Liupanshui to Chongqing every day for the whole journey of 3 hours and 55 minutes.


Before this, Chongqing to Liupanshui only had two regular trains. The fastest K1501 train took 8 hours and 27 minutes from Chongqing to Liupanshui. The new and direct EMU train will greatly shorten the time and distance between the two places, which help passenger save more time.


Liupanshui locates in the west part of Guizhou Province. With convenient transportation system, it is an important railway hub city, and one of the big distribution centers in southwest China. There are 44 ethnic groups inhabited in this land. There are many famous scenic spots including Yushe national forest park, Wumeng Mountain and Minghu Lake.