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New high-speed train connects Dunhuang with Lanzhou

Date: 2019.07.11 Author: Charles Wang

On July 10, a new railway route was put into operation between Dunhuang, home to the world cultural heritage site Mogao Grottoes, and Lanzhou, the capital city of Gansu Province.


There will be two pairs of high-speed trains run between two cities. Before, it would take you about 13 hours to go to Dunhuang from Lanzhou, which is a difficult and long time. After this new implementation, the travel time has been cut to 8 hours, nearly half of the original time. This change significantly saves visitors’ time and energy so that you can have a better experience and memory about Mogao Grottoes or any other sights you would like to visit.


This decision was made due to the boomed of tourism in Dunhuang in recent years. According to local statistics, there are more than 10 million trips made to the city in 2018, with an increasing trend of 20% annually. Local authority is looking forward to bring better experience and service to visitors in this city of World Cultural Heritage Site.