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New Direct flight to link China and Cambodia

Date: 2019.11.12 Author: Celia Tang

According to the Dunhuang airport, a new direct flight will be launched on December 9 between Dunhuang city, a renowned tourist destination in Gansu Province, and Siem Reap, a famous tourism destination in Cambodia.


The flight will be operated by Cambodia’s Lanmei Airlines on each Monday from December 9 to February 24, 2020. The flight will depart from Siem Reap at 15:00 local time. After 6.5 hours’ flying, it will arrive in Dunhuang. The return flight will take off from Dunhuang Internation Airport at 22:35 Beijing time. The flight time is four hours and 55 minutes.


The new air service is expected to promote tourism and cultural exchanges between the two cities. Dunhuang city was the trade center between China and its western neighbors in the ancient times. It is an important city on the old Silk Road. Dunhuang is known for a large group of Buddhist cave temples with historic artworks, especially the Mogao Grottoes.