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New direct airline launched between Chongqing and Hanoi

Date: 2018.01.24 Author: Phyllis Wang

A new direct airline launched by Chongqing Airlines between Chongqing-the largest metropolis in southwest China and Hanoi-the capital of Vietnam, on Jan.16, 2018. The new direct airline uses Airbus 320 aircraft. Its schedule is 4 flights every week-Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday. Flights depart from Chongqing at 9:15pm, and reach Hanoi at 10:30pm (local time); return from Hanoi at 11:30pm and arrive at Chongqing at 2:45am.

A passenger Mr. Wang said that, I needed to transfer to Hanoi at Guangzhou Station before. That was really troublesome and time-consuming. Now we have a direct airline between Chongqing and Hanoi. It only takes me two hours and forty-five minutes to get to Hanoi, which is very convenient and time-saving.

So far, China Southern Airlines has opened 11 airlines to Vietnam, connecting the main cities between China and Vietnam.

As the capital of Vietnam, Hanoi owns rich historical and cultural relics. Place of interests can be found all over the city. Chongqing is not only the centre of economy, finance, technology, shipping and trade logistics in upper Yangtze River region, but also the junction point of “Belt and Road” and “Yangtze River Economic Zone". The open of the new direct airline between Chongqing and Hanoi will deepen the exchange of economy, culture and tourism continuously.