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New Air Route to Link Changzhou and Macau

Date: 2017.12.20 Author: Jaqueline Li

A brand-new airbus A319 has landed on Changzhou Benniu International Airport on Dec 18, two days before Macau’s 18th returning anniversary. The successful landing marks that a direct air route has been built up between Macau and Changzhou, Jiangsu.

When the plane with 174 passengers was steadily descending, a simple but solemn welcome ceremony had already been waiting for it. At the moment the aircraft was landing, strong water ejected simultaneously from two fire engines which built up a just perfect water bridge over the plane. This is the highest etiquette amongst welcome ceremonies in civil aviation.

Li Lin, the deputy mayor of Changzhou, attended the ceremony. The welcome delegation headed by him showed the crew and passengers warm hospitality and sincere concern from Changzhou citizens.

Flights in service of the new air route would be available on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. Changzhou citizens traveling to Macau by air used to arrive in Zhuhai or Shenzhen so they needed to spend about 2h to go through the Customs and reach Macau. The new direct route with single journey of 2h30m will make the trip smoother and more convenient.

The service is provided by Air Macau, which is a regional international airline based in Macau SAR, People's Republic of China.