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Macau been Designated as a City of Gastronomy by UNESCO

Date: 2017.11.02 Author: Jacqueline Li

Irina Bokova, the present Directors-General of UNESCO, announced yesterday that Macau has been officially named a City of Gastronomy and subsequently joined in UCCN (UNESCO’s Creative Cities Network).


Macau has always been a peaceful multicultural society, so is the Macanese cuisine. Browse a typical Macanese menu you will find the cuisine is a mixture of Chinese, Asian as well as Portuguese cuisines. After merging and mixing for more than 400 years, Macau is regarded as a miniature of the world’s gastronomies today.


Chui Sai On, Chief Executive of China's Macau Special Administrative Region (SAR), welcomed the decision to choose Macau as a City of Gastronomy and thanked UNESCO for such a designation. Chui also expressed his gratitude to the central government of China for it has been rooting for Macau during the city’s application, as well as the joint efforts from Macau’s local travel industry to acquire such an achievement.


The nomination is going to advance Macau to become the world’s center of leisure and tourism, added by Chui.