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First Inner Mongolia-Taiwan Air Route is to Launch

Date: 2012.05.30 Editor: Evelyn Shi

Hailar Dongshan Airport in Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region of China will embrace the first air route to Taiwan. The new airline is from Hailar in Inner Mongolia to Hong Kong, then to Taipei in Taiwan.


According to the schedule, the debut flight will be on June 4. The flight is scheduled to be once a week. The first leg of the flight between Hailar and Hong Kong airline will be carried out by B738 airplane with the flight number of HX2358/7. While the second leg between Hong Kong and Taipei will be carried out by air bus A330 with the flight number of HX284/5.


Lies in northern China, Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region is reputed for the vast grassland and the unique Mongolian yurt, while Hong Kong, the international metropolis in south China is well renowned for the futuristic and bustling city life.