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Chongqing’s largest indoor ski hall to open

Date: 2018.07.30 Author: Rosie Wu

Recently, the largest indoor ski hall in Chongqing, Liangjiang New Area Jihua Park Indoor Ski Hall, is expected to open next month. On July 24th, the working process entered into the stage of cooling and snow making. The construction of the hall started in July 2017, and the total construction area is about 22,000 square meters.


The new ski hall has some multiple areas with different functions, such as ski areas, snow areas, ice parks, etc. It is the only indoor ski hall in the main urban areas, and the largest indoor ski hall in Southwest China. The daily capacity of the ski hall is 5,000 people.


The area covered with ice and snow in the Ski Hall has reached 13,000 square meters, maintaining a constant temperature of -3 to -5℃ throughout the year. The professional slide in the hall is about 140 meters long and 35 meters wide with a drop of 21 meters. The amateur slide is about 100 meters long and 35 meters wide. It is suitable for junior and intermediary ski lovers to practice.


The completion of the indoor ski hall of Jihua Park means that following the ice and snow projects of Xiannv Mountain and Jinfo Mountain, Chongqing began a high-level planning wintry tourism project to make snow-playing and skiing in all four seasons possible.