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Chongqing Fairy Mountain Airport plans to open later

Date: 2020.10.26 Author: Celia Tang

On October 23, a Chongqing Airlines Airbus 320 took off from Chongqing Jiangbei International Airport and landed at Chongqing Fairy Mountain Airport. It marked that Chongqing Fairy Mountain Airport officially had a real-scene test flight.


According to Zhang Chao, the commander of the Wulong Airport Command, Chongqing Fairy Mountain Airport plans to open the routes from Wulong to Jinan, Hangzhou, and Shanghai, and is actively applying to open routes to Beijing, Nanjing, Guangzhou, etc.


After the test flight, Chongqing Fairy Mountain Airport will complete key tasks such as completion acceptance, industry acceptance, aviation data reporting, and permit application in order, and strive to achieve navigation by the end of the year.


After Chongqing Fairy Mountain Airport put into use, not only will it facilitate the travel of the general public, it will also effectively improve the comprehensive transportation conditions in the southeast Chongqing. It will help to promote the local economic and social development, and further improve the layout of civil transport airport.