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China’s first cultural innovation center opened in Pingyao

Date: 2018.03.28 Author: Raeka Wang

The Palace Museum opened China’s first cultural innovation center in Pingyao city in North China’s Shanxi province on March 25.


The cultural innovation center is jointly established by the government of Pingyao city and the Palace Museum Culture Service Center. The two sides will cooperate on the design, research and development, production, sales and marketing of cultural products to promote the development of Pingyao’s culture industry, by drawing on the successful experience of Palace Museum.


Located about 600 kilometers southwest of Beijing, Pingyao was once the foremost financial center with half the country's banks located there in the 14th-century. Today, Pingyao is a tourist attraction with 2,700-year history. Its old town is famous for its well-preserved city walls and was added to the UNESCO World Heritage Site List in 1997.


According to the curator of the Palace Museum, the Palace Museum will share its experience with Pingyao in the research and development of cultural products, and the cultural innovation center in Pingyao is expected to bring more innovative products to customers.