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Beijing Subway adopts different policies for further control the virus

Date: 2020.02.07 Author: Celia Tang

By February 3, Beijing has already adopted 179 thermal monitors in 35 subway stations, in order to check the temperature of all passengers at the entrances. This is a further policy to the public to prevent and control the novel coronavirus outbreak, according to the Beijing Subway.


Compared with hand-held instruments, the thermal monitors at the security check gates can automatically measure passengers' temperature, shortening the queues for entry at subway stations. The quick temperature check machines have been installed in 35 crowded subway stations, including Beijing Railway Station, Beijing West Railway Station, Xidan Station and other interchange stations.


Meanwhile, officers from Beijing Subway also announced that passengers who don't wear masks will be not allowed to enter into the station. In addition, all subway lines in Beijing have strengthened the disinfection of stations and carriages. The public areas of the stations and the tunnel sections are kept ventilated. During the operation process, the trains are ventilated to the maximum ventilation volume to keep the air flowing.