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A new round-island tourism waterway will be opened in Hainan by 2020

Date: 2018.04.24 Author: Rosie Wu

Till now, Hainan's traffic system already has round-island expressway, high-speed rail and coastal tourism highway. A round-island tourism waterway as the fifth ring of Hainan’s traffic system is planning to launch to establish container transport lines with all ASEAN countries. When it is finished, the sea rout around the island will reach 1,000 nautical miles.


Hainan, as a strategic pivotal point of the China's Belt and Road Initiative, is always grasping the opportunities during the 30-year opening up and development. At the same time, a set of plans to enhance its integrated transport network and promote exchanges with the outside world is being developed under the context of the initiative.


The goals of developing port and shipping industry, like improving infrastructure, transport services and ecological environment, has been identified by Hainan. The province is committed to improving the layout of the "five ports in four directions ": Haikou Port in the north, Sanya Port in the south, Qinglan Port in the east and Yangpu Port and Basuo Port in the west.


According to the official statistics, Hainan port has opened 29 new container routes, 5 new cruise terminals which could be accommodated more than one million tourists by the end of 2017. It focuses on establishing a modern logistics industry. Strengthening the construction of logistics infrastructure and service facilities, pressing ahead the reform of supply chain structure, and promoting the integration of the Qiongzhou Strait and logistics innovation and resource integration are all vigorously implemented.