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4 Tons of Ancient Coins Unearthed in Jingdezhen

Date: 2017.10.24 Author: Jacqueline Li

More than 4 tons of copper coins, produced from Tang Dynasty to Song Dynasty, have been found in the city of Jingdezhen, the center of China’s porcelain.


The archaeological site is located specifically at Fuliang County of Jingdezhen. It is the first-ever time for this county to unearth ancient coins as colossal as this time. This pleasant surprise was primarily found by a villager when he tried to base the foundation for his new home.


Archaeologists are now trying to find the owner of this considerable heritage. Due to its large quantity, this property seems unlikely to be owned by personal collector; and the disordered classification in decades makes it remote to belong to the bank.


Archaeologists said that the excavation is still continuing and more coins may be found.


All the ancient coins are stored in the county museum for now.