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4 Air Routes to be Opened or Adjusted in 2018

Date: 2017.12.01 Author: Jaqueline Li

CAAC (Civil Aviation Administration of China) released latest information announcement about 4 international air routes applied by Tianjin Airlines and Hainan Airlines in late November.

Here is the specific information:
Tianjin Airlines asks to open a regular route between Chongqing and Saint Petersburg, Russia. The service will be offered by an A330 passenger plane since April 2018. There will be flight once a week.

Hainan Airlines applies for two new regular routes below:
One is a regular route between Shenzhen and Vienna, Austria. It will enter service in May 2018 with 2 flights a week and it will be served by plane A330/B787.

Another one is a regular route between Chengdu and Chicago, USA. Offered by passenger plane A330/B787, the route will open in June 2018 with a frequency of 2 flights a week.

Hainan Airlines also demands to adjust an engaged flight to Tel Aviv, Israel. The departure/arrival city in this route has changed from Beijing into Chengdu. The twice-a-week service will be launched in June 2018 and be served by A330/B787.