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Zodiac Sign of the Rat, First of the Chinese Zodiac


Zodiac Elements

Earthly Branch of Birth Year: Zi

Wu Xing (The Five Elements): water

Yin Yang: yang

Auspicious Directions: southeast, northeast

Lucky Colors: blue, golden, green

Unlucky Colors: yellow, brown

Lucky Numbers: 2, 3

Unlucky Numbers: 5, 9

Lucky Flowers: lily, African violet, lily of the valley

Best match: dragon, monkey, ox

Avoid matching: sheep, horse, rabbit



Though people consider the rat not adorable, it has attributes of an animal with spirit, wit, alertness, delicacy, flexibility and vitality, it ranks first on the Chinese zodiac. People born in the year of rat have good observation ability. Rats are full of good advice but they will never share their troubles with others. They are honest individuals and they enjoy living for the moment. Overall, Rats are full of energy, talkative and charming but they have a tendency to become aggressive. They’re also capable of surviving any situation.



People under the rat sign are usually smart and wealthy and will work for success. They are optimistic and very adaptable, being popular with others. Rat girls have a flair for cleanliness and tidiness. They are clever and adorable, personable and materialistic. They are also by nature thoughtful, sensible, judiciously and curious.



Rats are usually timid, lack of concentration and stability. They are in need of courage introspection, principles and responsibility. The do not look authoritatively, incapable of assuming a leading position. They stick fast and refused to be influenced. They are easily guided only by their private interests. They have natural goodness but look impolite. They are also obstinate and selfish. They are likely to speculate and they profess their greed as a virtue.



Overall Rats enjoy good health. They’re very active which helps keep them in shape and able to fight off sickness. They can at times be tense, aggressive, and full of nervous energy, conditions which can lead to stress. Regular exercise designed to calm will benefit Rats.



Extremely perceptive and wise, Rats can focus on the big picture. That ability along with their good judgment enables Rats to solve problems before they arise. Rats focus on titles because titles translate into status and money; two motivating forces. Routine halts their creativity so Rats need flexible positions that allow creativity. Good career choices include: administrator, director, manager, entrepreneur, broadcaster, writer, musician, stand-up comedian, politician, lawyer, researcher, and race car driver.



Rats are very charming. They enjoy social activities and because they're out a lot, they're always meeting new people. They aren't good at breaking off relationships however, and this presents problems going forward with new relationships. Anyone hoping to partner with a Rat must be able to keep up with the Rat's active nature.


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