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West Lake Sour Fish - a famous dish of Zhejiang cuisine


West Lake Sour Fish was named after the most beautiful and well-known lake in China, West Lake. But what makes the dish famous is not its name, but the delicious taste. It will store up in your mind once you have eaten it.


Since the fish is so delicious, then will it so difficult to cook­ Don’t worry, here is a quick guide to home-made West Lake Sour Fish.


Before the fish is cooked, it has to stay hungry in clean water for one or two days. So that the smell of mud in the fish can be got rid of.



Step 1:

Process the live grass carp. Scrape scale and clean it. Then cut the fish back and remove the internal organs. With a knife in fish several times, this knife is called “Cut peony film”. In this way, the fish will be tastier.


Step 2:

Heat the pan by using medium fire. Put 50 grams of oil, a little onion and ginger. After stir-fly, add 15 grams of yellow rice or millet wine and appropriate amount sauce and salt. When boiled, put the fish into the pan. And then cook the fish. The skill is: when you see the erected fins and prominent eyeballs, you can take the fish out. In general, this procedure will need about 15 minutes.


Step 3:

Take 100 grams boiled fish soup into the pan. Put 10 grams of sauce, 50 grams of white sugar, 50 grams of vinegar and a little salt. When boiled, add corn starch solution and dish up. This is sweet and sour sauce. Pour it on the fish, finally the dish is done.



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