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Quanzhou, Emporium of the World in Song-Yuan China


Quanzhou: Emporium of the World in Song-Yuan China was inscribed on UNESCO's World Heritage List during its 44th session held in Fuzhou on 25 July 2021, bringing the total number of the China's UNESCO World Heritage sites to 56.


The cultural property comprises 22 functionally and spatially connected historical relics, demonstrating the great contributions China made to the prosperity of global maritime trade of East and Southeast Asia from 10-14 Century.


Quanzhou’s glorious past

Located along the coastline of Fujian Province, Quanzhou was one of the world's largest ports along the Maritime Silk Road, especially during Song Dynasty (960-1279 AD) and Yuan Dynasty (1271-1368 AD) when it saw prosperous maritime trade. Ancient China’s agricultural technologies, literary classics, and philosophical thoughts were spread to the world here.


Like a melting pot, it gathered merchants from across the world and offered local residents the chance absorbing diverse cultures. Different religious beliefs existed in harmony in Quanzhou, leaving many religious relics and cultural legacies such as mosques and temples.


Quanzhou's serial sites

The serial property includes 22 sites of administrative buildings and structures, religious buildings, and statues, demonstrating mutual learning between the Chinese civilization and the world. Following are three sites among the cultural property:


Qingjing Mosque: the first Islamic mosque built in Quanzhou, unveiling culture, religion and lifestyles of foreign peoples in Quanzhou during that time. 


Anping Bridge: the longest ancient sea-crossing stone beam bridge in China. It had brought convenience for the merchant shipping and thus promoted the economic development. 


Liusheng Pagoda: an important historical site at Shihu Port. Merchant ships would shift course from the main shipping line in Quanzhou Bay to the inner ports here. It is believed to provide divine protection for traveling merchants.


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