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Jump rope


Jump rope, also called skip rope. Single, double or multi-person use one, two or more ropes to do a swing jump action. According to the records, jump rope originated more than 1,300 years ago in the Tang Dynasty. People used to call jump ropes as “Tiao Suo”. There are different kinds of ropes such as rubber, cotton, nylon, plastic, etc.


When it comes to skipping rope, we are no strangers. But few people know its origin. As a kind of sports activity, jump rope originated in China, at least a thousand years of history. In order to practice the basic skills of martial arts, the martial arts master often jumps ropes with their companions in spare time. Over time, young children began to imitate the movements of martial arts to turn the jump rope into recreational fitness sports, and derived a variety of rope-jumping methods.


Before jumping, must choose a suitable length of rope and learn to use your wrist. Jumping rope generally does not need arm strength, you should learn to rely on the wrist rotation to drive the rope shake, so that both effort-saving and jump faster. Jumping rope need a fine hand-to-foot coordination, generally the hand began to shake the rope, the foot will jump up, and the timing of the jump is very exquisite, jump late rope must touch the foot, jump early may have landed and touched the foot. Jump rope has become an international sport.


The 2019 World Jump Rope held in Oslo, Norway, from July 2nd to July 12th 2019. The 975 athletes came from 26 countries and regions, the largest in history, with 18 teams representing China's national team. The most striking thing on the field is the "light speed teenager" Cen Xiaolin. Not only did he perform amazingly in the race, breaking the five-race record, but he also broke his own record with 570.5 runs in three minutes (1141 jump ropes).


Jump rope is a more efficient exercise in aerobic exercise. In terms of the Intensity of exercise, 10 minutes of continuous rope jumping, the same energy consumed by jogging for 30 minutes or 20 minutes of exercise dance, and is a less time-consuming and energy-intensive aerobic exercise.

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