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Corban Festival and Id Al-fitr in Kashgar


Corban Festival


The Corban Festival, also known as Id al-Gurban, is a major Islamic festival that shows believers' faith and obedience to Allah. It is an annual major traditional festival falls on the 10th of the twelfth month of Islamic Calendar and is celebrated by the Chinese minority Groups including Hui, Uygur, Kyrgyz, Kazak and so on.


In the morning of the day, about 30 thousand to 50 thousand Muslims gather at the Etgar Mosque (in the City of Kashgar) before 8 am. By 9 am, the pray begins and the roads outside the mosque were packed with pious Muslims.


After attending the pray rite held in the mosque, Muslims go back home and slaughter livestock, divide it into three parts. One part is for the family, another part is for relatives and friends, and the third part is for charity. They wear new clothes to visit parents, relatives and friends. And give their best wishes and regards. Also, Muslims have many kinds of activities mainly dancing and singing.



Eid Al-Fitr Festival


Eid Al-Fitr Festival (also called End of Ramadan Festival) is an important religious holiday celebrated by Muslims world that marks the end of Ramadan, which means the prohibited month (the ninth month of the Islamic calendar). According to the rules of the Quran, a qualified Muslim must refrain from eating and engaging in sexual activity from sunrise to sunset during the Ramadan. After sunset, they can eat and rest until the sun rises again.




The Festival falls on October 1 of the Islamic calendar in Muslim world. Appropriate 30 thousand to 50 thousand Muslims gather at the Etgar Mosque in the City of Kashgar before 8 am. By 9 am, they worship on bent knees towards the direction of the ancient temple of Kaba in holy Mecca.

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