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Chinese Lunar Calendar, Wisdom of Ancestors


Before January 1, 1912, when the Gregorian calendar was adopted by the nascent Republic of China, Chinese has been using the traditional lunar calendar for more than 3000 years. The earliest evidence of the Chinese Lunar Calendar is found on the oracle bones of the Shang Dynasty (late second millennium BC).  


The origin of the lunar calendar is based on the various cycles that can be seen while watching the moon. These cycles are an effective way to follow the lunar calendar and can be traced to its origin. Compare Gregorian calendar and Chinese lunar calendar, the main difference lies in the dates of one year. In the solar year there are 365 days, while in the lunar year there are nearly two weeks less, with 354 days.



Together been used with Gregorian calendar, Chinese lunar calendar is put into place to keep track of events within the religion as well as events within the community, for example Chinese people celebrate Chinese Spring Festival and Lantern Festival in lunar calendar. As these events are often based upon the lunar calendar but exist within the solar calendar, the dates may change from year to year, with the date each year becoming earlier and earlier until a full cycle has been created. There are times when the lunar calendar reaches a similar time to the solar calendar, approximately every twenty-three years.


Until now, if someone did a survey to invest which is more widely used in China, Gregorian calendar may win in the cities but Lunar Calendar must be the winner in rural area. There are some things related to Chinese Lunar Calendar believed by traditional Chinese people, for example in the 3rd and the 17th days of the months are unlucky, The year of Dragon is considered perfect to have children as Dragon stands for power in China, the year 2000 knew a huge baby boom just because it was the year of the Dragon. Couples get married on lucky days foretold by fortunetellers, predict is given according to the day, month, and year when the bride and groom were born, the fortune-teller decides whether the two are compatible or not.

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