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Sichuan Fine Arts Institute opens annual exhibition

Date: 2019.12.09 Author: Celia Tang

Recently, the 2019 Annual Exhibition of Teachers’ Works of Sichuan Fine Arts Institute opens in the Art Museum of Sichuan Fine Arts Institute.


On the annual exhibition, 322 representative works of professional teachers from 11 departments and research institutions, including 213 creative works and 109 design works are being exhibited to the public. Some of the works are the winning works and selected works of the 13th National Art Exhibition.


The Annual Exhibition of Teachers’ Works sets up a review expert group every year to select the dean’s nomination award. This year on the opening ceremony of the exhibition, Liu Xiaoxi’s View the Mountain, Liu Haichen’s Determination and Achievement, Yang Beichen’s Father and Xiang Haitao’s Cultural Creativity and Visual Design of Traditional Well Salt Production won the dean’s nomination awards.


Sichuan Fine Arts Institute locates in Chongqing City and has the history of 79 years. The Art Museum in the institute collects the most contemporary arts works in the Southwest China and is considered as the newest style in Chinese arts institutes.