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Chongqing Art Museum opens online art exhibition

Date: 2020.02.19 Author: Celia Tang

Recently, Chongqing Art Museum opens online art exhibition to the public, after the temporary close due to the coronavirus outbreak. The art exhibition themed on battling the coronavirus in China, and visitors can experience the cultural feast at home.


The exhibition launched this time, includes collections of characters’ prints, collections of Chinese paintings, industrial themed prints, and Yongchuan woodcuts. A total of 114 prints and 20 Chinese paintings were displayed online. People can view the collections through their mobile phones, and can also have close contact with the exquisite art works.


The online art exhibition will help strength people’s aesthetic notions, enrich people’s life during the epidemic period, and also play the important role in the publicity. In the future, Chongqing Art Museum will also launch other online exhibitions featured on art creation, Chinese paintings on landscapes, flowers and birds, oil paintings, children's drawings, and photography.