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Horse Dancing Show by CAVALIA


"CAVALIA ·Horse Dancing " is performed by the CAVALIA troupe, which is performed by the original troupe members of Canadian CAVALIA. CAVALIA is a variant of the horse and cavalry from French, Spanish and English words. The romantic name of the play suggests the protagonist of the show "horse". The founder and artistic director of the troupe is one of the founders of Cirque du Soleil: Norman·Latour. In the production of the Norman stage show "fantasy legend", an accidental event inspired his creation inspiration of "CAVALIA". He found that the audiences were not watching the actors but the horses through the stage during the performance, thus he immediately realized: the horse is the real protagonist on the stage. Thus, this large-scale stage show that performed by actors and horses and integrated with drama, dance, equestrian, via in the air and multimedia, was born.


The performance begins with a girl's dreams about horses. The girl travelled with a horse from ancient caves to grasslands, deserts and rainforests, from the ancient orient to fantastic Europa. She dances with horses together, twitters under the moon and laughs loudly.


On the stage of "CAVALIA ·Horse Dancing ", Audiences shift their feeling from exciting to mind rippling with horse’s dancing. The whole performance can be described with five precision words: amazing, surprising, thrilling, stunning, and beautiful!


Amazing: Horses gallop into the vision like a thunder with water slurry splashing, yellow sand flying. However, this is not on the grasslands, but in front of us.


Surprising: Circulation of four seasons, great change of the world, ancient and modern transformation, boundless sea and sky. It’s magnificent as an epic; it’s so wonderful that beyond words. It’s a dream, in CAVALIA; it’s reality, on the stage of Horse Dancing.


Thrilling: Flying down from 36 meters high, somersaulting on the horseback with the speed of 60 km per hour, dancing ballet with horses in the air. It’s the worry and panic of dancing on the blade, but finally it is surprise and pleasure as if relived of a heavy load.


Stunning: Love songs of human and horses, matchless narration. Human become friends with horses from conquering to respecting. Human dance with horses at dawn, in the starry night, on the grasslands, at the top of the mountain... This is the first time that human sing for horses, and this is the first time that horses dance because of human.


Beautiful: Singer floats in the air with her boundless sound. Human and horses dance together under the moonlight. The silver mane and black hair fly with the breeze. Perhaps no one can get this beautiful picture out of mind.

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