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Golden Mask Dynasty in the Happy Valley

The Golden Mask Dynasty is an amazing show which will take you to a trip to the ancient land of China. It is performed at the OCT Theatre, located near the popular Happy Valley Amusement Park. You can enjoy the Golden Mask Dynasty show and visit the Happy Valley Park for a fun day trip!
The Golden Mask Dynasty is an original Chinese drama play. Produced by Chinese playwrights, directors and designers, the play features Chinese dances, acrobatics, costumes, and lighting and acoustics.
This is an ancient Chinese romantic legend, a fragment of distant historical memory. The beautiful Golden Mask Queen lead her army defeats the invading Blue Mask army and also made the acquaintance of Blue Mask King. The postwar Golden Mask Dynasty returned to its leisurely pastoral life. To ask bless for the Golden Mask Dynasty, the Queen decided to forge the ''mysterious tree''. When the tree grew up, the Queen held a grand celebration and released the Blue soldiers. The Blue Mask King was deeply moved by the Queen's tolerance, the same to the Queen by his braveness, so they fell in love and got admiration.
Unfortunately, monstrous floods stroke the kingdom and left it at risk. To save the people, the Queen, under the guidance of the mysterious tree, had to say farewell to the Blue Mask King and sacrifice herself. As a result, the flood gradually subsided, and all the people were rescued. The Blue Mask King and the people had endless loving thought of the Queen because of her devotion. Finally, the Queen turned into a golden sunbird flying in the sky above her hometown, blessing the long-lasting well-being of the dynasty.
With more than 200 highly skillful actors, this 70-minute show is guaranteed to keep the audience entertained. Acts range from acrobatics, to dance, singing, martial arts and more!
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