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Bicycling in Beijing


Bicycles used to be traditional vehicles for Beijing citizens, but with the arrival of “auto society”, bicycles were left behind by Beijing citizens. Bicycles have no exhaust gas and too much noise, thus riding bikes help reduce air and noise pollution. In addition, bicycles are lightweight and small-sized, and don’t take up too much space, which relieve pressure for traffic jam in Beijing. Meanwhile, people can enhance physical condition by riding bicycle. Bicycling makes people get pleasure in it, experience low carbon life and aware the meaning of green environmental protection.


Beijing International Bicycling Festival


Beijing International Bicycling Festival is held in the middle of June every year. Themed with “Relax in Yanqing and enjoy bicycling, fashionable fitness and green travel”, the Festival has high degree of internationalization and strong participation, and attracts extensive participation of bicycling masters and amateurs in England, France, Germany, etc. This festival has become a representative of comprehensive bicycling festival in Beijing and even China.


The route starts from Guichuan Square – Lakeside south bank – Guanting Bridge – Yannong Road – South Road of Kang’an Community and terminates at Guichuan Square. The total route is 20km long, 6m wide, with flat asphalt pavement. The scenery along the route is gorgeous.


Bicycling in Eastern City


“Bicycling in eastern city” aims to advocate low-carbon green travel and deeply experience imperial city tourism culture resources, so as to promote “city micro travel” concept and serve tourists and citizens with deep experience. After the event launched, the route is extended constantly. The “bicycling in eastern city” is becoming a fashionable way to visit eastern city. The bicycling routes show profound historical and cultural heritages and ancient and modern tourism resources.


“Bicycling in eastern city” has five classic routes: Central axis world heritage tour, Northern line traditional culture tour, Northern line creative tour, Medium line celebrity tour, and Southern line intangible cultural heritage tour. Recently, it launched three new attractive routes.


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